Namibia provides you with every possibility to experience a true African hunting adventure. The hunting here suits the hunter who adores mountains with spectacular views and traveling over a wide open landscape. On over 150 000 hectares of hunting grounds, you will have experiences for life. We hunt the endemic species oryx, springbuck and Hartmann's mountain zebra. The Namib desert neighbors this area and thus the animals travel freely between the two.

In the almost forgotten language San Bushmen We Kebi means "invitation". To keep with the traditions of the San people of the desert who lived in the plains and mountains around We Kebi for thousands of years - we invite you to come and experience solitude, seclusion, and tranquility in We Kebi Safari Lodge. Our wish is to give all our guests the possibility to experience individual and luxurious living in a truly African environment. We also provide hunting in multiple locations in northern Namibia and shark fishing off the coast.


Our most popular arrangement which is booked continually by many hunters, some as far as two years before departure in advance. 

Most everything here is included at a set price, which many who haven't visited Africa before appreciate.


Off the coast at Swakopmund we offer fantastic fishing for sharks and other fish both from the beach and from boat.

Coppershark weighing up to 130 kilograms have been caught here!


Is it your dream to hunt roaming Eland?

We offer hunting on foot in northern Namibia for this elusive animal.


We offer hunting in many different locations in northern Namibia. Here you will find species that don't live in the southern part, such as Dik-Diks, Duiker, Black-faced Impala and others.