The mouflon hunt is conducted in two different ways. During the autumn as stalking and in the winter by tower. You can choose what works for you.


At the end of October the males enter heat and are thus slightly less skittish than normal. At the same time, they move considerably more than before which makes the hunting easier.



Vi jagar baggar från 60 cm och uppåt. I Ungern finns möjligheten att fälla baggar med hornlängfer över 90 cm. Men det är inte lätt.

We hunt for mouflon with at least sixty centimeters long horns. In Hungary, the possibility of mouflon with over ninety centimeter long horns exist however the chance is slim.


Count on it taking five days to find the mouflon of your drams. Your guide will take you up in the mountains and down in the valleys to find the mouflon for you. Good physique and fitness is required for the autumn hunts.

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