The red deers heat starts in September in Hungary and the further south the earlier.



People come from all over the globe to hunt the Hungarian deers.


A strict game preservation since early 20th century has resulted in the worlds best population of red deer.


Because of this, every year red deers with trophies weighing up to 16 kilograms are brought down here.



We offer territories from north to south and east to west. So depending on wishes and demands we have a deer hunt for everyone.

As a rule of thumb you can say that in the mountains the capital deers are rarely bigger than ten kilograms and on the plains they can reach weights up to sixteen kilograms

During the hunt, you will have a guide with you who will point out a deer that is suitable. In the morning you often start with waiting for sunrise and then you stalk the animals with their mating calls as help. During the night a slow stalking is usually what happens. 

So no matter what level your budget is we will be able to find a trip just for you.

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