The hunt for female animals is a result of the fact that all game in Hungary belongs to the government which means they decide the quotas for hunting. As every territory lease is valid for ten years they have absolute control over the populations of game and decide the quotas thereafter.


The hunt for female animals is exciting and challenging as they often travel in groups but the best part is perhaps the price. Rarely over 1000 SEK per animal.​

Så är ni några stycken som vill åka på en riktigt spännande, billig och kul jakt är hondjursjakten vårt bästa förslag till dig.

So if you're a group that wants to go on a really exciting, cheap and fun hunt the hunt for female animals is strongly recommended.


We have territories all over Hungary that will accept you and we can offer hunts for roe deer, red deer, fallow deer, adolescent boars and mouflon.


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