Hungary is probably the worlds most famous country when it comes to driven hunts.


The well-known series Wild Boar Fever was filmed here and made Frans Albrecht famous to a broader audience

We offer driven hunts on all Hungarian state owned territories as well as a larger number of private territories. All after your wishes and budget.

We have territories that deliver from ten to fifty animals every day. So you just have to choose after your wishes and demands. 

On some of the territories, there are populations of mouflon, of which only the females are allowed to hunt.

What separates Hungary from many other countries is that you're not allowed to take down male deers during a driven hunt. This is to maintain control and quality of the population.


Price Example:13 hunters bringing down 45 animals - 16900 SEK

What is included in the price?

• All boars, male and female, as well as female deer

• Food and accommodation three days

• Three days of hunting

• All organization surrounding the hunt


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