Hungary is well known for its fallow deer trophies. No other country delivers the same yearly output of big trophies that Hungary does.



Fallow deer with trophies weighing up to six kilograms are brought down here every season.

if you love stalking this is the best choice for you. You can be out all day looking for the deer. He will cry out in one place one second and the next he will be somewhere else.


Deers are active around the clock so more often than not we will go to a location where they have been heard the day before while it's dark. Then we wait for dawn and then we start the stalking which can go on for the rest of the day.


Är du bågjägare är det här ett fantastisk jaktbart vilt. Vi har guider som själva är bågjägare.

If you like stuffed trophies this is a fantastically huntable animal.


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