In the southwestern part of of Bulgaria close to the city of Burgas we offer driven hunt for wild boar as well as solitary 1x1 hunt for boar, roebuck and wolves,

In this scenic nature reserve consisting of mountains and valleys you will have a splendid natural experience.

A huge plus about this area is that you can bring the family along for a sunshine holiday while you can hunt for a part of the day or in the evening. The hunting grounds are located approximately 30 minutes away from the seaside resort Burgas.


In the fantastic mountains and valleys of a nature reserve in southwest Bulgaria we offer driven hunting for wild boar.


Boars with tusks up to twelve inches in length have been brought down here. While hunting the boar of your dreams you can choose whether to do a surreptitious hunt or you can sit in a hunting tower.


The area has a sizeable population of wolves, meaning you can hunt them. So if it is your dream to bring down a wolf this definitely is the destination for you.