Mikael Back

I like most types of hunting, but if i have to choose one hunting grouse in the mountains with my dogs is an absolute favorite. But every form of hunting that provides closeness to nature and some sort of challenge tempts me a little extra!


I have been hunting since: Childhood


Hunting references: Sverige, Ungern och snart Namibia. Sweden, Hungary and soon Namibia


How to reach me: 

070-307 11 19

Magnus Sydhagen

Storfavorit är jakt i Afrika och den spännande smygjakten, på hemmaplan är det jakt med ställande/drivande hundar som klappar varmt om hjärtat.


My favorite is hunting in Africa and its exciting stalking. Back home hunting with driving/stalling dogs has a special place in my heart.

I have been hunting since i was about 5-6 years old which is when i was quiet enough according to my father. Today i work with hunting/culling with five dogs. I love taking pauses from life and spending my time on exciting and quality hunting all around the world


Hunting references : Canada, Scottland, Spain, Hungary and Namibia


How to reach me:

070-489 76 04

Christoffer Pakh

All forms of hunting have their charm but hunting wild boar with a stalling dog is really my cup of tea. The cooperation between the handler and the dog is magical to see and experience. My newest interest is hunting with bow and arrow and that is also an incredible form of hunting. 

I have been hunting since i got my hunting license in 2003 when i was eleven years old


Hunting references: Sweden, Namibia and Åland.


How to reach me: 

073-695 93 14

Ari Adolfsson


My best hunting memory changes every autumn when the hunting starts. The hunting in Sweden and Finland is more passive if you're not the handler. The animals come to the hunter as opposed to in Africa where we traveled to the animals. You have to stalk the animals over big distances which made the hunting more active. The hunt for mountain zebra is one such hunt that i will never forget. I'm waiting for my next trip to Africa with zeal.


I have been hunting since i got my hunting license when i was fourteen.


Hunting references: Finland, Sweden and Namibia.


How to reach me:

Robert Eriksson

When i think about hunting a feeling of community and relaxation comes to mind. Picking a favorite from my travels is hard, but Africas nature is probably closest to my heart and everyday i dream about the next time i get to put my boots in the red sand and start trekking over the savannah or up the mountains on the lookout for huntable animals


I have been hunting since 1996, when i was fifteen.


Hunting references:

Sweden, South Africa, Namibia, Canadia, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Poland and Germany.


How to reach me

073-505 26 93